LIFE // Houston, We Have Lift-Off.

This is it; there is no more hiding behind an invisible cloak, only coming out when I want people to see. There is no more dreaming, there's doing.

It's been a couple of days now since my blog has been live - meaning anyone can see it, anyone can read the words I put together. It's slightly terrifying, but insanely exhilarating! It's funny how when something is in the works and you have all of these thoughts and ideas of what could be & then all of the sudden - BAM! It's actually real and I'm sitting here like - what in the hell do I do now?!

 The panic really starts to set in. This is my typical way of dealing with uncertainty - doubting myself. Is this something I can actually do? What makes me think anyone else can relate to my craziness? I have to stop. I have to remind myself that this is something I am doing for me and it IS something that I am capable of! Writing to myself and to you, if you're out there, is going to make the hard times just a little bit easier!

 I ask of you a few things... This is all new to me, so have faith, stick around - it will only get better. I promise. Engage with me - let me know your thoughts and opinions, I really value them! But, remember, be gentle ... I'm a peach!

So, without further ado! Welcome to Polished Chaos. A blog of life and all its adventures, my attempts at DIY (I promise there will be some humor in this one …), my love for makeup, and my attempt at planning my budget friendly wedding – let us all pray now, not only for my fiancé, but my sanity.

Thanks for checking out my page, it means the world to me. Stick around & I promise you won’t regret it! Keep your eyes peeled … I have some things coming your way!

Be Well, Be Safe, Be Happy!

K. xo