DIY // Just Call Me Susie ...

Well, I definitely did not think my first DIY would be about food ... But, there needs to be something said for these recipes! 
I got these delicious creations from Erin Ireland. If you don't know who she is - you're about to…

I came upon her website when I saw Jillian Harris making her oh so Creamy, Homemade Almond Milk on Snapchat (which by the way, I’ve tried, and it is unreal and so simple!). I became addicted. It took me no time at all to get completely engulfed in all her amazing posts. She follows a plant-based diet & is prodigious at creating and executing vegan dishes.
Sooo... these recipes are vegan? Hell yeah they are, and they're absurdly amazing!
Reading Erin Ireland's blog inspired me to try and eat a more plant-based diet. Why you ask? First and foremost, the love I have for animals tops everything, so that is my main reason for making some changes to my lifestyle; but once I took a look at pretty well all the recipes on the site and read this post, it didn’t seem so scary, it was motivating! Not only does Erin supply amazing recipes, her site has such amazing and informative information; and to boot, she’s a B.C. chick (& her dog is super cute)!  Guys, you NEED to check her out!  

I have always been that person that said they could never go vegan – not due to the lack of love I have for animals - because lets be real, my house would be full of rescues if my fiancé allowed it! I’ve done the vegetarian thing & honestly enjoyed it; but how do you go on without milk and eggs and cheese, oh my!? Well my friends... you stumble upon Erin Ireland, that’s how. 
Okay... enough fan-girling. Here are the recipes I’ve tried over the last week – with success might I add…

Firstly, I introduce to you, the Potato Pizza!

        *Recipe credit from itstodiefor.ca – Potato Pizza with Homemade Lemony Pesto

        *Recipe credit from itstodiefor.ca – Potato Pizza with Homemade Lemony Pesto

Can we just take a minute for this pizza - Oh. My. God. Heaven, just pure heaven. This pizza is the perfect combination of tangy, zesty, and savory. If you don't use this recipe to make the pizza, then for the love of God, make it for the pesto! Ohhh the pesto. I have had my hand at trying many homemade pesto recipes and I will tell you - this pesto recipe is the end all be all of pestos. It's a must.


Next up from my cooking escapade – Raw Hemp Chocolate Truffles.

These are little nuggets of gold! They are just the right amount of sweet with a chewy, delicious center. Best part? You feel pretty guiltless when eating them!  Now, mine definitely did not look even a sixteenth as gorgeous as the recipe pictures – I guess I need to work a little more on presentation, huh? But let me say this – my fiancé is not a huge chocolate person and they were a huge hit in his books!

*Recipe credit from itstodiefor.ca – Raw Hemp Chocolate Truffles *Photo: itstodiefor.ca

*Recipe credit from itstodiefor.ca – Raw Hemp Chocolate Truffles
*Photo: itstodiefor.ca

Not only did these recipes taste incredibly delicious, they also made me have a new found love for cooking! There is something so satisfying about seeing a recipe that is not even close to being your cup o' tea, whipping up the ingredients, and making one helluva dish!
Need I say more?

Be Well, Be Safe, Be Happy!

K. xo