LIFE // A New Beginning ...

Before you get your undies in a bunch … no, I am not pregnant!  My sister had her first baby - a beautiful, healthy little girl.

Now, let me rewind a smidgen here. My sister & I are five years apart, the younger one being myself. We have grown up together, seen things together, and have been through a lot together. Just like any siblings, especially with quite the age gap, we had our fights; and by fights, I mean a one sided battle where she always came out on top. She’s spicy that one.

My sister has been there for me through thick & thin. She has been my back-bone when I never had one. She sees the good in me, and she never takes my sappy, soft, sensitive heart for granted. She also knows exactly how to make me tick – but I love her for it. I would say we are just like peanut butter & jelly. We go together so well, yet we are so very different. She’s my home-girl & I don’t think I could ask for a better P.I.C.

Back to the star of the story … my little niece.

I have never been a gal who is crazy for babies. I admire them from a far and run when they start to cry. They terrify me ever so slightly! But this one… this little, hairy, fragile nugget – she is a completely different story.
I remember when I found out my sister was pregnant, I thought, ‘Yay! How exciting! Oh god … this means I have to hold it, huh?’ I was very, very unsure of my abilities to be an aunt, and a good one at that!  Well, let me tell you. The second I met her … I felt this love that I have never experienced before.
Becoming an aunt, as silly as it sounds, has changed my mind-set in so many ways. It makes me want to be the absolute best version of myself that I can be. It makes me want to give her all the love and support she will ever need, no matter what.

To my niece: The amount of love I have for you is inexplicable. You carry a very special place in my heart already and I cannot wait to see you grow up. I promise to always be the “cool” aunt and give you candy when Mom & Dad won’t. I promise to take you on fun adventures, read you bed-time stories, and laugh at all the silly things you do. I promise to tell you that you are so beautiful every day so you never forget it. I also promise to show you all the good makeup tricks, because we know your mom won’t ;)
I can’t wait to be such a huge part of your life and watch you grow into the most amazing little girl I already know you will be.

To my sister: Thank you for making such a perfect little human. You both, without a doubt, are going to be the most amazing parents a kid could ask for. It’s pretty amazing to be a part of such a huge step in your life. You are such a strong person, and now, you are about to become that marshmallow I always knew was in there! Welcome to the light side … Bad Boys for Life.